Zodiacal Personality

24 February 2008

The horoscope is funny. All this astrology stuff is funny.

We can’t deny it: anyone who ever reads the newspaper or any sort of magazine always takes a look at the horoscope page. I must confess, I do. After all, why not knowing what will happen to me and the other 1.540.673 Aries in the world this week?

“Oh, will I ever get that promotion? Will I finally find the love of my life?” Come on! Don’t spend so much time with these questions, don’t you get worried! Just see which star sign matches with your date and hour of birth and discover what the stars save for your fate in this day, week, month or even year.

And guess what, you also have an extra bonus – a personality kit! If you’re Virgo, than you’re organized, but also shy. If you’re Taurus, than you are very strong and passionate, although you can be very stubborn. Of course, there are some kits better than others. But unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it, just cross our fingers and hope to be born in that particular month.

So, as you can see, this automatically improves plenty things in one’s life: when meeting someone, you can instantly know if you will work out together – you just have to ask his or her star sign. More, you won’t need to pass that eternal dilemma in teenage, trying to find who you really are or what you really want – the stars will do this job for you.

Isn’t it easy? After all, life isn’t that difficult and unpredictable. Just spend a few small changes in a nearby news-stand and relax.


One comment

  1. hey carol :D
    foi tu que comentou meu blog dias atras? ;D

    beijao querida.

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