Santa has came to town!

30 December 2007

And one more Christmas passed. This year it was quite different, though. This year, there was ‘Christmas-coconut-trees’ and no fireplace. It was very strange to me to pass Christmas Eve with such fresh clothes and surrounded by air conditioners. The so called ‘Christmas spirit’ wasn’t even the same – not less, but different.

I spent it at my grandparents’, in a little town in the state of São Paulo, called Monte Aprazível. As always, my grandmother was very perfeccionist with the decoration – the living room was adorable, with a little Christmas tree with plenty of presents around it (although I think some of them were fake, just as a decoration piece) and lots, lots of candles. I had never seen so many candles together. It may sound beautiful, it surely was, but it was horrible to light all them, the air conditioner didn’t make our job easier. So we preferred to keep the air conditioner and quit the candles – fair enough.

The celebration itself was very simple, like every year. However, my grandmother insisted on a little more of praying. But we still managed to make it lighter, with some laughs during it. The best, however, was spending time with the family, talking and joking. Although it wasn’t my home, I felt like I was at home.

Anyway, the Christmas doesn’t feel more like some years ago. It’s completely different when there is children too, waiting anxiously for midnight and then play with the presents the entire following day. I remember how mad I got when people gave me clothes or so – they weren’t made to be played, so why on hell should they give clothes? But that’s normal, I guess Christmas has different meanings throughout life. Neverthless, I’m sure that it doesn’t matter the age, Santa will always be welcome. (:


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