Top 5 Christmas Songs

18 December 2007

It’s Christmas time. (:

I know it’s still a bit until then, but I can’t help this Christmas spirit. Such a beautiful time deserves beautiful songs as well. And surely, there are plenty of them. I selected some and made a ‘top 5’. There are others I like too, but I guess these are the ones that I keep singing in my head.

5. Jingle Bells Rock

I selected this one by Billy Idol. From the ones I found on YouTube, I guess this was the better. Still, not the best. Anyway, better this than Hillary Duff or so. Yuck.

4. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

So simple and so beautiful at the same time. An extraordinary feeling of peace and tranquility. I loved this jazzy version by Diana Krall, like the rest of the songs of her Christmas CD. In my opinion, a ‘must have’.

3. Let It Snow

One of the most famous ever, full of optimism. And it’s dispensable to say why. Another jazzy version, this one by Jamie Cullum.

2. Silent Night

The classic one. And as a classic, it shouldn’t miss the top. Performed by The Corrs.

1. Happy Christmas (War is Over)

Perfect combination of lyrics and melody – not impressive, knowing who’s the author. Should be a lesson for many. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you ‘Happy Christmas (War is Over)’, by John Lennon. (:

And that’s it. I hope I was fair enough…

Merry Christmas!


One comment

  1. Putting a list of best christmas songs is a really great idea. I must say i like it very much. I think i’m going to do it on my blog as well… with different, “my selection” of songs, of course (no, i’m not going to just copy you) :=)
    I like your blog, just keep going this way… maybe you could post something about brazil in english, since you are spending the christmas there… :)

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